Saying Good Bye…

Good Bye to being 4 years old!


Our “baby girl” is excited to enter Kindergarten next week…the song “In a Blink of an eye” comes to mind, for more than one reason…

In a Blink of an eye…good Bye Summer Vacation!

DSC03085 DSC03093


DSC02596  DSC02602

DSC02714 DSC02745









DSC02974 DSC03036



The end of our summer led us to saying the hardest good bye… to “Gramps.”

After several years of battling Alzheimer’s disease, the Lord embraced Floyd into his peaceful kingdom.  I am truly amazed at how much Floyd was loved and cared for during the past years and especially during his final days here on earth.  There are no words to describe it except UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  I have several wonderful memories of Jeff’s Grandpa but my favorite is remembering him when he was roughly 75 years old catching big waves on a jet-ski with his curly white hair flying through the air.  Here are a few pictures I thought people would enjoy…



Four Generation Campbell boys.


Floyd had a passion for automobiles and drove a Mustang for many years…Travis can spot a Mustang from a mile away which I think Floyd would appreciate.


He always ALWAYS made those around him smile and laugh with silly stunts.


The stories, the jokes, the witty comments have been missed over the past years. I truly believe he has regained his spirit, I just hope he toned his jokes down a bit. ;)

Please keep Jeff and his father, siblings, and extended family in your thoughts and prayers as even though we are celebrating his life of 90 years it is still hard to lose a loved one.

We recently attended the MN Hands & Voices Annual Picnic.


They had fun games,


delicious food from Famous Dave’s,

DSC03056 DSC03057

lots of prizes (Kendall was lucky to win one of them), and many people to see. This is Kendall’s audiologist Linda, they have a lot of fun together which makes hearing exams easier plus Linda has a surplus of princess and toy story stickers.


Kendall was excited to receive this hearing aid designed for stuffed animals and immediately decided Floyd the teddy bear need it.

Every year we enjoy ourselves at the picnic and it’s a little reminder of the next fun event focused around hearing loss…

“The Frequencies” team is back again to add our donations and steps to the Walk 4 Hearing 2013 Event.

Walk Details:

Date: Saturday, September 28th 

Location: Lake Calhoun (West Calhoun Parkway), Minneapolis

Schedule: 9am registration, 10am walk begins (5K distance)

Please join our team* or consider donating to raise awareness and support those who have hearing deficits like Kendall…contact me if you have questions!

*Once on the link page look under Kendall’s picture for Join my Team then click to participate.

Then after the Walk4Hearing event get REVVED UP for Travis’s 3rd Birthday celebration! Everyone is invited to drive to our garage and fuel up on birthday food and fun!
PARTY Details:
Date: Saturday, September 28th
Start Time:  Full Throttle at 3pm
End Time: When people are out of gas
RSVP: Stephanie or Jeff (e-mail, text, phone call, blog or facebook)
*Your presence is the only present desired!
It will be a fun day, we hope to see your set of wheels in our driveway on September 28th!!

My new favorite thing…putting fresh mint (or chocolate mint) in my water.

DSC02548 DSC02549 DSC02550

LOL!!! I know you don’t care. You want to know what the heck the kids have been up to!

DSC02462  DSC02486

Kendall graduated from Little Minds Learning Center and will be entering Kindergarten in the fall.  She is eager to learn and experience the world…


for now let’s settle for exploring the zoo…

DSC02425  DSC02434

and for exploring the parks!!

Travis has achieved great milestones as well, he no longer desires to play in the “baby/toddler” section of parks anymore…


and enjoys visiting Kendall at school (she was enrolled in Early Childhood) with the big kids.


I doubt they will ever outgrow their LOVE for ice cream however flavor preferences may change through the years. Current favorites- Kendall: chocolate and Travis: Vanilla.


And I hope they never outgrow parades… Travis is not quite sure about this parade moment.


Kendall is very sure parades are awesome and she would like to go to more of them especially if they serve ice cream… even if they don’t have chocolate.

DSC02355 DSC02359

And sometimes you outgrow things you hope can be passed onto your children. Jeff repaired his childhood toy truck for Travis to zoom around in… Travis has named it “Black Monster Truck.”  Life is about THESE moments!!!

DSC02309 DSC02324

Our garden is growing nicely…Kendall is my garden helper again this season and she had her own plans for the garden produce: cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, and corn.


Travis is most excited for broccoli and carrots. The carrots have been growing oddly throughout the entire garden due to Travis’s style of planting (throwing seeds into the dirt and leaving the scene).


And the little hands in our home are growing too big to do these types of projects but I will keep doing them…


Until they are married.

I have several wonderful photos of Jenny and Tanner’s wedding but this one describes the evening…FUN, just plain FUN.  Congrats to Jenny (Jeff’s cousin) for finding someone who fits into the family nicely.


Kendall’s 3rd pop-cake…the dark chocolate and sugar is what I believe kept her energy going late into the night.

DSC02218 DSC02227

The Fedora Hat…better know to Travis as the “Bandit Hat” was almost as popular as the bride and groom. The kids stopped dancing to get a snapshot with another wonderful and fun couple.


Thanks for stopping by to check a few of  our ” smell the flowers” moments this past month…or two. ;)

I have learned the less I blog, the more I forget my camera. I am more present in the moment however later regret not having my camera to capture some of those special moments! BALANCE…I strive for it! Our family continues to do well and life, of course, is always changing.


One thing that has not changed, Travis still loves planes, automobiles…




and now Security Cushmans!


Kendall had another set of ear tubes (and hopefully the last) placed. She was very brave therefore earning herself a set of fairy slippers, a Tangled balloon, a owl clipboard, and a day of pretty much whatever she wanted! We are blessed that her hearing has remained stable and pray (you can too!!) it continues unchanged.

 DSC01865 DSC01870

Travis attended his first baseball game which was a change from hockey games. He was lucky enough to met Goldy the MN Gopher…


and hang out with his friend Hannah!

DSC01845 DSC01814

Kendall changed up her desire for winter/snow arts and crafts to some spring activities.

DSC01853 DSC01857

Travis on the other hand is not so sure about the spring color Oobleck or his hands being “messy.”


Hanging out with the sharks at Sea Life then


eating some shrimp and fish sticks at Bubba Gump’s. Because life IS like a box of chocolates…and “tastes” even change mid-bite with raising kids!

Travis was really able to participate this year in the Easter festivities including the daycare egg hunt and dying eggs!

DSC01916 DSC02009

Kendall is use to the Easter traditions…maybe next year we will change it up for her! ;)

DSC01925 DSC02018

And just in time for the second round of winter spring weather…



And YES, an Easter explosion did happen behind him!!!


Since Travis dislikes chocolate he was more than content with an apple, seriously!!


One thing that did change this year…


an Easter egg hunt in the snow…


while wearing a helmet! You never know. ;)


We were hoping Uncle Steve would bring a change in weather from the sunshine state.


Well, I guess it’s another “game night!”


And lastly, sometimes change is wonderful and sad at the same time especially when someone close to you is called home to heaven. Love and Bless you Great Uncle…XOXO

Season of Lent

The season of lent has a different meaning for each of us…


for some it means fasting and consuming fish on fridays…

DSC01713 DSC01665DSC01672

Rare photo of me: Fishing  ICE FISHING!! If you know me well, you know there are two things I hate most…being cold and fishing. My dad has solved at least one of those issues by making his fishing shack nice and toasty. I am also warming up to the fishing idea…only if I continue to catch fish like this! ;)

For others, lent means reflecting more on what is important…


such as spending more time with their children, family, and close friends.


(A belated Dukes of Hazzard birthday cake for Aunt Rachel)


She even got to keep the cars!

This time of the year reminds us the importance of spending more time praying and reflecting…

DSC01785 DSC01786

Even if your favorite daily prayer is a Halloween prayer!

Many people will take time to just get more rest…


to save up energy to avoid their temptations…


such as sweets.

Others save money during this time to give to those in need of funds to purchase food…


one nickel at a time. ;)

Personally, I am trying my very best to:

Fast from selfishness; feast on compassion for others

Fast from worry; feast on trust

Fast from discontent; feast on gratitude

(some days are better than others)

Wisconsin Winter

Travis has done plenty of sledding down hills covered with beautiful white snow, but ice sledding?


He looks a little concerned about this big sheet of ice.


Then I heard these words from his mouth “go, Go, GO!”

Kendall had different plans for this big sheet of ice…


practicing her skating skills.


Showing me her graceful skating glide


Gentle guidance from Dad

Later this day Kendall skated solo for the FIRST time! I skated right behind her, encouraging her, and ready to catch her as she wobbled…moments my heart will kept forever but Jeff got video just incase my mind needs reminding.

Christmas Photo Bomb


The name of our snowman is “Frosty,” I know it’s real original. The kids insisted on Frosty despite my suggestions of Frank or Bob.


Kendall had a wonderful performance in her Pre-K class holiday program themed Winter Fun!


Travis named this snowman “Frosty” even though clearly he looks like a Bob.


They are much more excited to make Christmas sugar cookies than their mother.


WHAT?!?! You don’t like making Christmas sugar cookies? Nope. Never did, probably never will.


Thank goodness for Grandma’s helping hands!


My mother always leaves some cookies to be decorated by my cousins at one of holiday gatherings. Kendall just loves hanging out with these older kids.


However, she will leave the group if chocolate is involved! I secretly think my Aunt Danielle did this on purpose just to have more time with Kendall. ;)



Pure Joy.


Christmas in the  Woods celebration at my cousin Karie’s home. This is such a fun gathering of family…can you tell we are related?


Kendall snapped this photo of us enjoying ourselves.


It would not be a winter holiday party without Malibou Ken tagging along in his swim suit.


My Aunt Barb and Kendall had an interesting converstation while sitting around the fire regarding Ken’s apparel. My aunt may have convinced Kendall to dress Ken in winter clothes next year. Only time will tell…


Giggles with Grandpa!


Christmas dinner in celebration of the birth of Jesus. Our standard italian feast of rigatoni, gnocchi, meatballs, italian sausage, garlic bread and wine (milk for the little ones).


Look! Look!


Ralphie our Christmas Elf joined us for dinner! My brother had such a fun time teasing the kids with hiding Ralphie in crazy places. I always find dinner to be the last peaceful moment of Christmas Eve day which is followed by excitement and joy.


One last quick mandatory Christmas photo…



DSC01411 DSC01417


DSC01473 DSC01441

and Love.


We attended another Christmas celebration at my Uncle Rodney and Aunt LeeAnn’s home late Christmas Eve. Kendall and Travis always have their last Christmas Eve burst of energy then sleep soundly awaiting Santa’s arrival.

DSC01503 DSC01508

Travis got right down to playing with his cars garage that Santa left him.

After Christmas Day celebrations continue…

DSC01519 DSC01523

“It might be cars, it might be cars!!”


“It’s cars, it’s cars!!” The word is out that Travis loves cars… a passion his Uncle Brett can understand.


Kendall getting her creative juices flowing with her new supplies.


Another photo Kendall captured, good thing she’s on top of it. We had a wonderful family gathering with the Campbell Family at Aunt Tamie’s home however I forgot our camera. It’s usual home is in my purse but I didn’t double check and was quite disappointed when I discovered it was missing. Sorry.

Happy New Year to all of you!!!


We spent a quiet New Years Eve at home in our pajamas…


Cheering each other with Sparkling Apple Juice!


Travis did not like the sparkling juice so he changed his beverage of choice to milk.

New Years Eve is the time where most people think about resolutions, changes, and fresh starts. I have decided to make some changes in my life as well, one of them is to blog less…blogging has become something “I have to do” instead of something “I want to do.” I love sharing pictures and our lives with everyone however it is at times stressful and timely. I have decided to blog when I feel inspired to do so which may mean more time span between blog posts and less content at blog posts. I will not be posting every gathering with family/friends but that doesn’t mean it has less value to us.

What I am making more time for is me…taking time to reflect on what my purpose He has for me in my journey here on earth. I am making 2013 about Prayer and Patience. Since I typically blog during the times the children are sleeping it will be a perfect (and quiet) time to pray and gather thoughts. Patience with life…with what is not expected and situations I have NO control over. Plus, we plan to potty train Travis this year! ;)

Best wishes for a wonderful 2013!


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